Cultural Studies and Social Theory Reading 9/23

I thought this article was very dense and over the top with it’s word choice.  Aside from that, I thought it was interesting how the author chose to focus on the European schools’ of thought while using some American examples such as Madonna.  The timeline aspect of following culture through the years helped me follow the gist a little better (albeit I got lost numerous times in each section).  The study of this overall seems to me to be very dated.  I understand how knowing the history of a topic helps you see how it has developed, but I am not sure our culture is still being shaped by the past.  My generation could careless about how things ‘used to be.’


Johnson & Grier Article

I read an article by Johnson & Grier that was really helpful now that I have changed me topic focus for Project 1 to be advertising as it pertains to Race.  The article made a lot of good points that confirmed my theories I came up with during brainstorming.  For example that Generation Y just doesn’t notice race as much as older generations such as the baby boomers.  Also, it brought up the fact that a stereotyped group is going to be more emotionally invested in a piece of advertisement when it bashes the group they align with.


Harvard Architect in Race

I am looking for ways that race shows up in architecture, More specifically, the socioeconomic statuses of white people and how they vary.  This article wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.  It is more about “blackness” in architecture as a thought of race, not necessarily the architecture of how white/black/asian/latino people live.

Pinterest Experience

I just made a pinterest account that I may use for Project 1 and it is an overwhelming site to say the least.  It made me pin 5 things right off the bat so I just chose the first 5 under architecture just to get the welcome screen to go away so I could begin doing my real work.  I glanced through the things I had pinned and there is just tons and tons of stuff.  We will see where this takes me and if I decide to go this or a youtube of a powerpoint.