D5: Pinterest

Article 1: https://canvas.jmu.edu/courses/1090235/files/41992243/download?

Article 2: https://canvas.jmu.edu/courses/1090235/files/41991781/download?

Overall I think both of these articles covered the main issues I have been learning about in my business classes over the last two semesters, copyright and business transactions (or lack thereof). First, what business ‘industry’ Pinterest will (does?) operate in and how is Pinterest effecting it? I like the aregument that even though Pinterest isn’t making money yet, that they still have a very large control on e-commerce. While you cannot buy things directly from Pinterest, there is definitely something to be said about how the things people pin drive the traffic to a site to buy the tangible object. This want to buy what you pin phenomena is a direct illustration of the narcissism mentioned in the first article. We as Americans want to have the biggest and the best and out do everyone else in the process. Now overall this sounds like a great gig for the e-commerce sites that are having items bought. They don’t have to do any advertising except add in a small ‘pin-it’ button on each item and presto millions of people who may not have seen this product now will. Again there is the downside to all of this and for the sites that don’t produce a ‘product’ per se, but people are pinning a dish or a yard setup or something that is not as a whole very tangible, at least not in a driving e-commerce business sense.


On to the actual copyright issue. I think this is a problem that needs to be addressed by Pinterest entirely. Adding a security waiver one must click to agree with would not be sufficient, because one people would not read it, and two if people did, the majority of the population wouldn’t fully understand the legal jargon and all of the implicit statues and case law decisions that go into. Basically, it’s fair to ask people to make that decision without consulting legal advice. I think it would be very interesting to see embedded in the ‘pin-it’ link, some sort of copyright acknowledgement, almost like citing a source. Something that would happen behind the scenes and user would not even see unless they searched for it, but something that legally would be easy to be found and proven that Pinterest was doing their part in giving the correct credit to the correct people.


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