D6: Discussion on Pinterest Area



This article written by Forbes covers a few pointers on how businesses, specifically small businesses can effectively use Pinterest and not fall behind on the social media trend. Basically it is saying “do it!” It covers how “Realizing that you could be using Pinterest to engage with your online audience is a far different thing from knowing how.” Another main topic covered was to use your people from within the company. Show the Pinterest world that your company is run by normal people just like the people using Pinterest. Making that connection will help potential customers feel more comfortable with your company. Another useful thing to pin to Pinterest is any sales or advertisements that will drive traffic to your website. Lastly, it covered a seemingly obvious point, be visual. Everyone knows that on a social media site such as Pinterest, images are king and it is not a text heavy site such as twitter.



This article covered how businesses can use Pinterest effectively to drive ecommerce business. The first part covers the aesthetic decisions a business needs to make when designing their Pinterest ‘profile.’ For instance, it suggests that you need to make board names concise and meaningful so the potential customer knows exactly what they are getting into. High resolution photos need to be used and very meaningful board cover needs to be used. People are on Pinterest to be impressed, so having a low resolution image will cause people to move on to another page. To drive more traffic to your actual website, employing the use to pin-it buttons really helps not only to get people to your site, but also to keep track the analytics part of your account so you can see what is working, what is not so you can effectively make changes to increase your chance of gaining potential customers. A new asset Pinterest is offering is the product pin. This type of pin allows you details such as pricing and where to buy which will definitely allow for more ecommerce traffic. Lastly it kind of stated the obvious when it stated that the way to kick start all of this is share your page with as many people as possible.



This article covered three new features Pinterest added to help businesses use Pinterest to drive ecommerce.  The first one is “rich pins” which is the same as the product pin I mentioned in the last article summary, this article showed that when a product has a price connected to it, it attracts 36% more likes than one that doesn’t.  Which the way Pinterest works is to have people like and repin products to let more and more people see them.  Second the price alerts feature.  If you have an unpurchased item on your board and the price goes down, Pinterest will automatically send you an email letting you know.  That could be very helpful for someone looking at an item that may have been just outside their price range. Lastly, the promoting pin adds a special icon to a pin that shows that it is being promoted and gives some info about what company is promoting it, how to buy it, etc.  This feature lets people who are looking to buy (say gifts for a friend) know exactly which pins to look at.


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